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In the Alpina price list below, they offered 'reinforced rubber mounts' and I've read elsewhere that they had their own 'hardened' rubber bushings. I don't think they had poly at that point. Any ideas what they were? Does anyone offer such a thing now, sort of between OEM rubber and poly?





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For the rear of the gearbox you can simply use e21 rubbers.

For Rear Axle W&N offers solid rubbers (no holes)


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Once upon a time I had all of those in my tii.  They were not poly (or purple, green, red or blue....😉).  They were rubber, allegedly from in stiffer form than standard.  I am sure it was if they said it was that way.  No idea of what they used or how much of a difference there was from standard to the stiff(er) variant.....a good probability you might not notice the difference.   Not surprising really they would have an idea to do this - fairly innovative company I think.


The few bushing I have in my race car are Delrin everything else is metal/metal.

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Porsche did this. They have stiffer engine mounts in some 911s and aftermarket companies have higher durometer suspension bushings.

From what I understand,  rubber suspension bushings that rotate can only be so hard or they will not flex enough in shear and will separate and fail. 

I think it’s a great idea, I’m not a big fan of much poly. 






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1 hour ago, uai said:

For the rear of the gearbox you can simply use e21 rubbers.

Another alternative for the rear gearbox mount is one for a Bavaria--it's even slightly larger than the E21 part but will fit if you enlarge the crossmember hole.


And I suspect the "hard rubber" Alpina bushings were similar to the factory ones, but made with a harder durometer rubber; believe this pre-dates availability of delrin or urethane bushings.



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