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Long term storage of a transmission

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I picked up a spare 5 speed last year just in case I might need another.  I cleaned up the exterior, drained the oil. and put in some 90 wt oil that I had left over from my VW transaxle. I don't think I refilled it all the way since I ran out of oil, so I'm wondering if there's anything I should know about best practices for long term storage. Should I just fill it up normally, or tilt it and overfill it?  Or even store dry, that doesn't sound smart though.  I do occasionally give the output shaft a few rotations and try to shift the gears for S and G. 

Thanks, Eric


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If it was hypoid 90w I would drain it,the chemicals used in hypoiding does not play well with the brass in the synchro's I don't know if it is only while running or not but to be sure I would change it over to redline mtl and maybe give the input and output shafts a turn when I walked by to spread it around. 

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I believe it has some Valvoline 80/90 Gear Oil so probably not hypoid.   I have some Redline MTL handy so that could be an option.

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25 minutes ago, tzei said:

I’d fill it FULL - as much oil as i could get in.

Interesting, I was considering just filling it up since it being stored in an unheated room it will see a lot of temperature swings. Being full up should limit the amount of moisture build up.

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1 hour ago, 7502 said:

Being full up should limit the amount of moisture build up.

This. Stuff will rust above oil level. Needs to be rotated, moved etc. Full - just leave it. But seals needs to work. 

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Just not GL5.


Then fergeddaboutit.


I'd use a few quarts of whatever engine oil I had laying around that I wasn't going

to use for anything.


You REALLY can't hurt a transmission as long as you don't actively fill

it with water.


Oh- leave it in neutral.  Or better, for a 5- speed. reverse.




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