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As the title states, had several ‘02s. Moved on to another German marque, was rummaging through the shop and found a cylinder head buried in the mess. It was rebuilt by cat in Riverside, Steve Santana. It looks to be a good quality rebuild. Was wondering what it is worth? I also have a set of ARBs they are pretty large, bought them from a SCCA guy who swore by them. All the hardware is there. I rolled my 2002 off an embankment, got every side schwacked, so I removed as much as possible, front and rear subframes, the front was reinforced by me(professional fabricator) as per a bunch of drawings on another forum. All this stuff is on the Central Coast of California. There is also an early ‘02 engine sitting in the weeds(covered). Just wanted to offer a possibility for someone to pick up some stuff pretty cheap. If it’s not worth packing up and shipping it will go to the scrap yard, just wanted to try to save it first.

I also have a “Battery Relocation Kit”, tail light lenses, and just about everything needed to support the car. It’s all scattered around the shop, I am trying to reclaim space.








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