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24 minutes ago, MOJOJOY said:

Does the fake tisa wear the vin number on the nose like yours? 


All I have seen is the new VIN plate on the fender. I have requested they show me their hand before I show them anything more than what I have.


We'll see where this goes.

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I've been having an email exchange with the head of BMW Classic, Hakon Tjaum about the situation. He said that the owner of the other car is pushing them to do something but they are resisting as I think they realize my car is the genuine. He told me that he suggested to the owner of the other car that he go back to who he bought it from and try to get satisfaction there. I'm hoping that is the end of it.


Stay tuned.

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When you look at the radiator support on the “fake tisa” you can see that it has an early nose and not correct for the car! 

1st pic it’s from the “FAKE TISA”. 

2nd pic from a mid 64’ 1800. No holes on support

rest of the pictures from 65’ nks. 
tisa, 1800ti, 1800 

so I think it’s safe to assume it had a nose job at some point! 













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