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MVP Control Arms & Bushings Mini Tech Article


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Long story short I bought a pair of the new MVP front control arms.  Mine we macaroni'd.  They are heavier gauge steel and have additional "double-flanges" to make them likely much more robust than the factory units.  The bushings however have very soft rubber.  You can quite easily flex them on the work bench by hand with a little leverage.




In my case, I had already ordered the Energy Suspension Poly bushing kit before discovering the garbage supporting my car.  So today I popped the MVP bushings out on a shop press and went to install the Energy stuff.  It was a bit of a train wreck.


The Subframe End:

1. Energy doesn't supply sleeves here and you're to reuse the factory sleeves.  However, the OD of the bushing is smaller than the control arm and it just slops around in the hole. Out by 2~3mm

2. The ID of the MVP sleeve seems to be slightly larger than factory and the bolt slops a little.  Mind you it also slops a little in my 50yr old factory parts.  This is anecdotal and I'll come back with vernier calliper measurements.  

3. The Energy vs. MVP bushings are the same height.

4.  Solution is you need an outer sleeve to make the two go together.



The Strut End:

1. Energy bushings fit in the hole but there is little to no preload on them.  They drop in with gravity but no slop.  It's better and acceptable with the preload from the sleeve installed, but...

2. The ID of the MVP sleeve is slightly larger than factory and the bolt slops a little.  My tension arms (maybe wrong name) are powdercoated and the Energy stuff doesn't fit over the coating.  MVP does no problem.

3. The MVP Control Arm is thicker than factory, so the Energy bushings are short by a good 5mm at least.

4. Solution is that it may be possible to use the sleeve from the MVP bushing but I'm not willing to wreck those just yet to try.  My kit from Energy came with an extra pair of bushings here for some reason so I could shave a poly spacer off one to take up the gap in the middle.




Side note, if you are going racing and want to sauce these control arms up more, the Ireland reinforcement kit needs a slight shave to fit.  My thoughts are a stitch weld down the two halves would take you most of the way there for strength improvements.  They are ultimately still two pieces of stamped sheet metal spot-welded together.


Given the above discrepancies, I suspect all aftermarket bushings won't fit the MVP control arms, and you may not be happy with the MVP bushings as-is.  A lot of the bolt/sleeve slop would go away once under load but the rubber remains quite soft in my opinion.

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