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In search of Dad's 1971 2002 ti

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Shot in the dark here as my info is extremely limited. But considering there's passion around this car I thought I would give it a try.


****Update**** Vin is 1690976, thanks to service Ontario


My father purchased the car in Lahr Germany in 1971 picked up directly from the BMW factory. At the time he was posted in Lahr with the armed forces and they shipped the car back to Canada for him between 1972 and 1974, not sure when as my Dad is suffering from Alzheimer's. The car was sold approximately in 1981 to a guy he met prior who asked when he is ready to sell to call him. My father contacted him and he flew from Toronto to pickup in Ottawa (Orleans) to be specific. His car did have factory Recaro seats and Blue in color other than that that's all I know. 


So not a Canadian original 1971 ti as it was imported. Factory Recaro seats. It's possible he may have sold the car with all the original paperwork as he doesn't throw anything out. His name was Paul Guilbault


I'd love to see this again or even know if this thing is still around... The dream would be to buy it back and have him drive it again before he leaves us...

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Found vehicle vin
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