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I'm still tearing things apart and the axle nuts on my '76 came off with no huge amount of drama.  Then the hubs came off relatively easily, I didn't need a puller on either side.  That seemed a little weird. One stub is threaded all the way to the end and the threads all look fine.  The other stub looks like this. Seems a little strange to me.  What is going on here, should these have threads all the way out to the end of the shaft or not?



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The nut was on there very tight.  It's been like that a long time, I think, it appears to even have some black paint on the smooth surface where the threads used to be.  So what is the likely cause of the loss of half the threads? 

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Threads, schmedds, your problem is the worn splines ya gots there, Pappy!


(schoorryy, i been drinkin')


But seriously, I see evidence of wear on the splines- try cleaning everything

up really well, and see if you have a tight fit to the hub.

I'm afraid you're going to find slop, and equally ugh- inducing,

wear on the inside of the hub where the inner race clamps to it.

Which means you're over- clamping your bearings, and need to re- shim.


Or practically speaking, re- hubandstub it.  




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