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New rear subframe hardware vs. powder coating

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I am rebuilding the rear subframe on a '76 and have decided to have most of it powder coated.  I am questioning whether to replace all the bolts and related hardware with the IE hardware kit. A couple of hardware bits (e.g. the bolts in the diff hanger - which don't look like they are even in the IE kit) are pressed in with the knurled edges.  So I need the advice of the gurus on the forum, here are my questions.


1.  Should the hardware be replaced at all?  It is all original so has likely been stretched and used for 45 years, perhaps taken off a time or two and retorqued.  I'm inclined to replace it to ensure proper factory torque on reinstall.

2.  Assuming I go with new hardware, will the bits that press in (diff hanger bolts, lower shock mounts) still go in properly if powder coating has been applied?  And if they do go in, will the coating chip? 


Thanks in advance.


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