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Between 15 to 25 years ago e21 320i cars littered the Pick-A Part wrecking yards. On the open market, entire cars could be had for under $500. This included the "S" models with the Recaro seats and and limited slip diffs. I checked the yards on a weekly basis and would only remove the Getrag 245/5 transmissions if the car had relatively low mileage on the odometer. Sure the odometer could have flipped once, but there were other indicators of a low mileage car. They charged $100 for the four speeds and $125 for the five speeds. A limited slip diff set you back $75. Since the 245/5 is relatively small for a 5 speed, they passed for four speeds, and I was able to get them for $100. Sure you get greasy removing them, but that was part of the fun of obtaining them for dirt cheap. And, now they are in excess of $1,000. Things have really changed in this hobby.

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20 hours ago, Mario Falfan said:

The Recaros from that era are now worth $1000.00 a set Not too mention a 5 speed is very hard to find !

I have a set left which I grabbed from a 320is for less than $20  each. They have a small BMW logo on the side. My brother used them in his 02 for many years, and now they need to be reupholstered. I personally don't think much of this style of Recaros as I feel their styling and height doesn't match the 02 all that well. They are also too narrow for my taste. I also have a spare low mileage 245/5. And, I'm not a big fan of this transmission in the 02. The slave cylinder mounting location does not suit the 02 well. And, servicing this slave cylinder when mounted in an 02 is a difficult task. 5th gear is also too tall. That's why most people running this trans switch to a 3.90 diff to make up for the long 5th gear. 


My $20 Recaros and $100 245/5 will always remain as such for me.

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