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73 Tii Front Bumper Bracket

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Freshly chromed bumpers are on the way for my 73 Tii 2763563.  In removing the old front bumper to send for rechroming, I noticed fitment issues on both corners.  The left misses engaging with the “U” slot on the end of the bumper by about 1 1/2” and the right by about 3/4”.  I am assuming there was a slight bump in the past that bent the existing brackets causing this issue.  I have a few questions for the ‘02 BMW/FAQ brain trust......


1. Are the brackets shown proper spec for a ‘73 Tii.  Maximilian replacement part numbers show BMW 511118222063 for the left and BMW 5111822064 for the right.  Both of those are “Y” brackets not like the “twisted L” brackets now on the car.


2. Can the existing brackets be straightened?  If so how would I do that?  Tie it to a tree and ease backward or some more delicate way?


3.  If I buy the Maximillian “Y” brackets, will the two holes in those brackets match up to the existing holes drilled in my frame?  Don’t really want to get into drilling any new holes.


Thanks in advance for sharing your hard earned knowledge on the above questions. 



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The brackets you're showing are 72 and earlier.   Y brackets are correct for 73.


Personally,  I  wouldn't bother with the L  bracket. 


Replacement fenders are drilled after fitment to match bumpers IIRC.  Factory fenders, I'm not sure.  You may have to redrill your fenders.  If so,  be very careful to place hole so that the sides are 90 degrees horizontal. 


You may be lucky and the old fender holes line up with loose adjustment of the bumper or they are covered  by the large rubber washers.  If they are exposed you could fill the holes with stove/carriage bolts, painted or ss OR repaint the lower fenders after filling the holes.Good luck. 



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5 hours ago, esty said:

73 front brackets look like this..


And unfortunately they were only used on US spec cars for one year.  The rear brackets are the same situation, but aren't "handed.  The tough parts to get are the rubber covers for the rear brackets.  They've been unobtanium for at least 20 years...



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