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Hi all.  On the recent discussion about the stolen 1971, someone suggested using a hidden GPS tracker to help find a jacked vehicle.  What are the best trackers out there?  I would feel much more comfortable having a magnetic tracker I could pop into some hidden space on my 02 whenever we took it out.  I would not want to have a monthly fee to some tracking service company though.  What's out there?  Which work best? 

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There's a bunch of options out there, but almost all of them are going to come with some sort of monthly fee.


The only ones I could find that don't have a fee associated with them are powered off of OBD ports, which we don't have...

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GPS trackers all, as far as I know, rely on cell data service to phone home with the "where I am" information that they derive from GPS satellite reception.  Getting anything from a cell phone company without a monthly charge seems unlikely to the extreme.   I see that some trackers advertised online  do offer "free" service for a limited time -  year for the example that I looked at.  'Course, that's like the free phone you get with a cell phone contract....  No mention of what it costs after that first year.  Read the fine print.  twice.


If there's one complex enough to use free WIFI service when in range, that would be cool. 

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