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Colorado Year of Manufacture license plate(s?)

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In case others travel this path-   I submitted for a YOM license plate authorization a week ago.  Filled out the form, got it witnessed, photocopied my insurance and current registration for the car, exactly as the form states.  It came back yesterday as rejected because I did not provide a photocopy of the license plate to be used.  A requirement not mentioned along with all the others on the form, or anywhere on a CO website that I can find, sigh...  So, I made a full size photocopy of the plate at fedex today (legal size paper to fit it full size) and will send that in tomorrow.  Your move, CO DMV....


There is NO DMV fee for this YOM plate thing (please don't tell your state representative or the governor).  I am still not sure if one or two plates must be displayed, there's contradictory heresay online and I didn't see it mentioned by the DMV.  You must carry the authorization with you in the car and have the "official" plates and registration along for the ride too.  I don't see anything that says it expires.  You are supposed to use it only for:


Motor vehicles using such plates may be used exclusively for:

  • Driving such vehicle to and from assemblies, conventions, or other meetings where such vehicles and their ownership are the primary interest.
  • Demonstrations, parades, and when their operation on the street and highway will not constitute a traffic hazard.
  • Traveling to and from and while on local, state, or national tours held primarily for exhibition and enjoyment.


So quick change hardware would be an advantage (think early James Bond vehicles...)    No idea how this would fly with out-of-state Polizei.

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