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M20 swap shift selector rod options

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I'm a few years into a project (1975 2002 with lots of rust repair now ready for a m20 swap) and am getting into the drivetrain + shifter/tunnel alignment.


I have an AKG short shifter that I'm going to mount ~2 inches behind the original tunnel hole (but still far enough in front of the emergency brake).


Now, I'm looking to figure out a shift selector rod to connect AKG shifter <> Getrag 260. I estimate I have about 4 inches between pins and wanted to see if anyone had opinions/thoughts on:

- Is ~4 inches too short to get the travel I'll need (i'm planning to build a mock plate + 2 screws to make sure it'll go through the gears but this is much shorter than stock)?

- Merits of a double shear selector rod (custom make myself or through Garagistic) vs attempting to shorten stock e30 rod vs using 2 heim joints and some adjustable center connector (see image). I'm leaning towards the DSSR route and have some concern a heim joint introduces too much "play".


- Bill





Bay Area

1975 2002 project-- going for sleeper & highway/cruise friendly

Stock m20, 3 core civic radiator, getrag 260

Chase bays brake delete

Shortened driveshaft- Driveline service San Leandro, CA

Catuned rear end w/ e30 3.73 diff

GC coilovers & IE 15 inch wilwood kit

TBD- wheels/tires, brake lines-chase bays e30 (i'm lazy), have good shape tobacco interior but might find tobacco recaros


shifterarmandhomemadeDSSR copy.tiff

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