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From the most recent SEMA newsletter, there are bills in both states' legislatures to increase age requirements and/or licencing fees for cars with antique/collector vehicle plates, and also mess with YOM plate rules.  Read on:


Washington—Vehicle Registration: SAN-opposed legislation that would have significantly restricted eligibility of collector vehicles and horseless carriages failed to pass when the legislature adjourned for the year. Under existing law, a collector vehicle must be at least 30 years old, while a horseless carriage must be at least 40 years old. If passed, collector vehicles would have been required to be at least 40 years old, while horseless carriages would have been defined as being manufactured prior to 1916. The bill would also have restricted the issuance of year of manufacture plates and considerably increased registration fees. This bill may be reintroduced in the 2021 session.


Wisconsin—Collector and Hobbyist Vehicles: SAN-opposed legislation in Wisconsin to restrict eligibility and raise fees for collector and hobbyist vehicle registrations failed to pass the Assembly. Currently, these vehicles must be more than 20 years old and are required to pay twice the registration fee as the type of vehicle being registered. If passed, the bill would have further limited each designation to vehicles 30 years old and older, expanded seasonal use restrictions, and increased the registration fees to three times the normal rate. In Wisconsin, a collector vehicle is defined as being at least 20 years old, preserved because of historical significance, and having had no body alterations. Vehicles eligible for hobbyist plates include street modifieds, replica vehicles, reconstructed vehicles, and homemade vehicles. This bill may be reintroduced in the 2021 session.


You might want to keep an eye on these two possible re-introductions.  After Ohio did away with front plates in 2019, someone in the state legislature introduced a bill to reverse that law in 2020.  Fortunately it failed.  




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