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I ordered a new rotor inner, chain  and sprocket for my oil pump. The new rotor is threaded therefore I can use the later sprocket. However, when I look at the diagrams on Realoem my oil pump looks similar to the 2 versions outlined but definitely not the same. The rotor in my pump has 7 teeth and The design is different. Can anyone tell me if they have seen a pump like this? Also, there is no pressure hose assembly the feed connects directly into a hole in the block. See pics.









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That looks like your standard gear type pump. There is another style that is quite different called a "gerotor" pump but i'm not sure what you are asking here. Internal pump parts are not interchangable between the two types.

As to who makes them, no idea but probably a supplier to BMW and other makes.

Later model M10 pumps from E21/E30 can be used if you install your old oil pick up.

Wait, are we talking M10 here? Just realized this post is in Neue Klasse 😉

Looks M10 to me

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Yes the one in the realoem diagram is a gerotor style pump, yours is a gear type.used on earlier models. Both were used and both work good if not worn.

I suspect the reason you dont see the gear style in realoem or other data bases is because BMW does not support it any more.

The inner rotor and splined sprocket you purchased wont work with your pump, sorry.

You could either find a different pump or return that stuff and use the old pump with a new 3 bolt sprocket.

No reason not to provided the pump gears are not worn. You check them with a feeler gauge in 2 places,  Haynes manual has decent pics, instructions, and wear limits. 

Is that sprocket worn? 


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Yes I think I can get away with a new chain and and another shim if need be. The Pump itself is in good working order and the gears are not worn. I hope the chain I ordered is the correct length. The BMW one was on back order and the after market one I ordered a few years back was too long. Apparently it was a known issue with the after market ones at the time.


Thanks for the clarification. I find it odd that my oil pump is not found even in the parts book I got from W&N for bmw 1500-2000tii


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The oil pump chain for the rotary type pump will not fit your sprocket gear pump style.  IIRC your chain has one more link.  and the new chain from IE won't fit.  I had to replace everything to get an NK motor properly lubricated.  Replaced the pump, sprocket, chain, nut, spacer and the feed tube.  In addition I had the replace the timing chain and both tensioner and guide rail,  Fortunately I was rebuilding the engine, the extra parts were needed also.  I had to delete the timing chain sprocket tensioner.  When you order the oil pump chain from IE let them know its for an early gear type pump and sprocket.




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