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How is the Texas ‘02 community faring?

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I am thinking about you guys as I clean my own driveway tonight and reflect on what a miserable 12 months it has been. I know glosing power in a winter storm gets old fast, and that’s without a pandemic.  Texans are tough, everybody knows that, so I know you will get through it.  I’ll be praying you get clean water, power and your vaccine in short order. Here’s to brighter ‘02 motoring days ahead.  Tom


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Thanks Tom. 

We lost power Monday at 9:00am and stuck it out until the temp was 42 degrees in our living room and then bailed to my moms across town who at least had rolling blackouts vs.  just off for us. 

We got power back Wednesday and other than the pea trap freezing in the the kitchen and some quick plumbing, we survived ok I think. 

Not a damn thing done on the car in 5 days though!


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I'm in Austin and we were hit very hard. There are still some without water. I'd like to think most have power back. Barney may be one of those without internet as well. I don't usually chat with him but others here do (@zinz).


Grocery stores are getting deliveries again. Today will be in the low 70's and so we are back on track for our "normal" weather and I would expect service to be restored in general in near term. 



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Thanks for asking about us...We live seven miles from Leander, Texas in the country and we were very surprised to only have lost power one time on Wednesday night for nine hours...our styrofoam block house is well insulated and we have a thirty thousand gallon rain water system so two basics were covered...view from my shop office. It’s was 72 today...



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We lost power a few times. I got a day off work last Tuesday, because we had no power. Then we lost water. Then the water came back, but with a boil notice. Just today, the boil order was lifted. 

Next time, spend the money and winterize the power plants! 

At least the 02 stayed out of the snow and ice. 

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