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OK... Who on this Forum Works for Panda Express?

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3 hours ago, tech71 said:

Maybe thats lobfs car, they did say it was in some sort of shoot.

He did mention he got it back with issues. Maybe that’s why the hood was open in the commercial 🤷‍♂️

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I know that car! Intimately, in fact. It belongs to The Motoring Club in LA (I'm a member: www.themotoring.club). They found it locally and I consulted them on a mechanical refurbishment, and it is now one of their rentals. While my 02 was at the body shop getting some accident damage fixed, I borrowed it and sorted some other odds and ends for it as well (stalks, cluster, console, etc).


It's a very original (possibly original Riviera paint) SoCal car from new. Great history on it - originally an automatic but someone swapped a 5 speed in a long time ago. I should probably add it into the registry. 


EDIT: the hood barely opened before I adjusted it - glad that got some use in the ad 😃



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9 minutes ago, Jae said:

He did mention he got it back with issues. Maybe that’s why the hood was open in the commercial 🤷‍♂️


You have to be real careful when renting your car out.  Here in ATL, we have a lot of filming.  After our house was used for a TV show, I was contacted and asked if I was interested in renting my 911 for the DC Universe show Titans.  It was Dick Grayson's (Robin) car.  The scene involved driving up to a mansion and back down the driveway.  I was there the whole time and it took 4 hours, the studio rental guy had 2 people assigned to care for it.  It was well worth the $1,500 they paid me.



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