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13 hours ago, Son of Marty said:

One of the few locations where 02s won't rust.


Until they find water?  Or is that why everything is red?  It all rusted a long time ago, and that's all that's left?

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Yeah, it’s all rust...


The reddish color of the Martian surface is due to the high iron oxide (Fe2O3), also known as iron(III) oxide or hematite, content in its regolith. Iron(III) oxide (rust) is formed when iron metal becomes oxidized in the presence of O2. This process is also known as corrosion.


Back when it had a lot more O2!  (Lol)


Attached, for the Geeks... those ‘7075 solid billet’ wheels are pretty damn slick.

Corrosion on Mars.pdf

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O2 = Oxygen.  H2O = Water.  02 = cult car.



You really only need O2 to 'rust' (oxide) a metal. Most space stuff is AL, which has it's own self-repairing, non-shedding, protective oxide layer (unlike iron/steel).

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