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computer help...please

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i have 2 pc's that cannot see either when pinging, both windows 10...the problem, i believe is each is on a different network adapter, as you can see in the picture, one is using ETHERNET the other ETHERNET 2...i cannot figure out how to get them both using the same adapter...both pc's are connected using the same DSL modem/router and each has an internet connection 


network adaptors.jpg



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Hi Esty,


I'm tech savvy, but not sure I'm understanding you, (& not a Windows guy), but here's my thoughts...


You're saying the 2 PCs can't see each OTHER, right? Or is it you can't see either of them on your network, or from a 3rd PC or online...??  I'll guess the former...


My initial thoughts on your screenshot:


I'm thinking the numbers after "Ethernet" in both pics are not the names of different Networks but different Ethernet ports on the router. Note there's an Ethernet 3 also (third active network on the Dell). In fact that 3rd active network "unidentified / Public" is what I think might be the issue.  Shouldn't the Dell have only 2 active networks too - Private (intranet, within your house) and Public? Maybe it's confused by the 3rd active network? They both show they're using NordLynx for Public internet access, so each look to be fine there.


If you have the Dell 'confused' network-wise, maybe that's why it can't se/be seen by the HP on your intranet.


If you're try to ping/access your private network PCs from the Public internet, there's setting on the router to you to enable to turn on those capabilities (firewall/security related to exposing your local computers ports).


If I got it wrong, let me know.  I'll try to assist.



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i did learn today the ethernet or ethernet 2 to is not relevant to the pc's not being able to see or discover each other but that is designated by the cable from router to the pc


i reset my entire network and when i have more time i'll see what i can do...problem i was having was some mouse and keyboard sharing software (Input Director) i was using stopped working and would not discover PC A from PC B visa versa...then i discovered i could not ping either PC from the other


discovery and file sharing is enabled and it is set to PVT Network with no password required


the adapters set to public are NORD VPN adapters that are installed and configured when the software is installed and i don't know what the unidentified public network is in the DELL

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Cool.  Glad I was right that the Ethernet #s were the ports/cables.


Make sure your intranet IP addresses on your 2 PCs (not their shared public internet IP) are what you expect and what's configured in your private network.  They should have local IPs on the same subnet - which is also what's likely needed for the keyboard sharing.


Given you're using VPNs, that's another layer to the PC's connectivity.  VPNs are designed to mask IPs and their sources on the Public internet - but IPs and sources on your private intranet are what you need to make your keyboard sharing work.  So maybe something related to that's been tweaked.  Like the VPN is also engaged, and preventing local subnet connections..


Yeah - and check into that unidentified active network.  Only 1 ethernet cable going into the Dell, right? Hmm - do you have Wireless/WiFi or an addition ethernet card turned on too on the Dell?


Oh well - Hope ya figures it out...

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this is a recent issue within the past week + or -...i don't always use both PC's at the same time but until very recently everything worked, mouse/keyboard software sharing files between the pc's but it took a dump at some point and i can't seem to fix it...i also tried installing a microsoft mouse/keyboard sharing software this morning and was told there was no other computer to connect to


i'll fidget with it more since i  reset the network and see what develops....STAY TUNED and thanks


no file sharing, no pinging...like each pc is in a different part of the world now


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Hi again Esty,


Did you previously have the local computers seeing/connecting to each other while you also had VPN running? 


The reason  I’m asking is by default, VPN clients can only communicate with the server, not other clients. It MAY be possible to change it by updating the server config. See if your VPN supports a “client-to-client” setting you can turn on.


Does NORD VPN have some kind of VPN isolation mode or internal firewall that you might have inadvertently activated?  Some VPN servers can be configured to restrict client access to--for example--only the internet connection and not locally connected computers.


What are the local private IP addresses of your 2 PCs, and what are the IPs of your router and the VPN server(s)? And are the IPs manual or DHCP provided?  I’m suspecting they’re on different subnets...


If so, you need to enable communication between the two subnets.  There should be an option for IPv4 local networks.  You might need to add the clients network spec to that list.


Other ideas:

Make sure your VPN is also configured as a Router locally, and has its routing table specified to include its full spec range.


Make sure your client firewalls are not blocking ICMP echo requests.


Make sure SMB 1.0/CIFS File Sharing Support in turned on under Networking for both clients.


Since your problem lies with the VPN setup. Maybe try turning VPN temporarily off, get the clients connecting and then re-enabling the VPN..




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my last post got deleted except the image...i found out that Windows TAP Adaptor was installed, probably from when i was trying to use Microsoft VP...that was the unknown network adapter originally shown above.... i removed it and was able to ping each pc from the other and my mouse/keyboard share software (Input Director) now works...


and i cannot share files either way with Nord VPN running...that's an issue i have not tried to resolve but will as soon as i get file sharing working both ways instead of only being able to see Dell from HP but unable to see HP from Dell


i can access files/folders on the Dell PC from the HP Pc ...i cannot access files/folder on HP from Dell


i get this error - network error.JPG




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