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Price: $50
Location: Simi Valley Ca

Hi All, If anyone could use this stuff PM or text/call me at 805.816.2249.  All came out of a Stock 1973 2002 unless stated.  I just threw some prices in, I may be way off, make an offer, I would prefer local over shipping, local has first dibs.  If you need more pics or info, give me a text. Thanks, bill.


1.  Set of pistons, stamped 89.46 and SP0.04mm-$40  SOLD

2.  Set of bearing caps with bolts-$15  SOLD

3.  Intake-$15  SOLD

4.  Set of rings, new-$15  SOLD

5.  Webber rebuild kit, new,-$10  SOLD

6.  Water block off plate, new-$5  SOLD

7.  Oil filter housing with new gasket-$15  SOLD

8.  Distributor housing with new gasket-$15  AVAILABLE

9.  Timing chain tensioner, used-$5  SOLD

10.  E21 shift plate, used for m42 swap, would need to be shortened, $10  AVAILABLE

11.  Steering wheel, used, $20  SOLD

12.  Jakes trans bracket for m42 swap, new, $25 (I also have the header he sells, new, call if interested)  SOLD

13.  Distributor cap with wires, used, one housing chipped, $10  AVAILABLE

14.  Negative ground strap, free  SOLD

15.  Stock down pipe, blasted, with new metal gasket and bolts, $25  SOLD

16.  Dip stick with tube, free  SOLD








IMG_4643 (1).jpg




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