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Mechanic Rec in Northern Virginia? 1971 BMW 2002

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Hey Everyone!


Was wondering if anyone had a rec for a good mechanic that might do side work in the northern Virginia area?  Need some work done on my 1971 BMW 2002 (water pump, clutch master/cylinder, brakes, etc). Bought all the parts and was hoping to get to it myself, but work has been piling up and I simply won't have the time over the next few weeks (and working in 20 degree temps are no fun! 😬). I figure since it's a pretty mechanical car and I don't need the work done ASAP that I might see if someone might work on it on the side during nights/weekends. Welcome on garage recs as well!


On another note - thanks for the wealth of information that I've learned about '02's on here! I've been creeping on this forum for a year now before I finally pulled the trigger on the '71!


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