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1974 BMW 2002 Tii - Rivera Blue, California car

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26 minutes ago, Reza Taheri said:
Price: $20000
Location: Sacramento, CA

Not mine, no affiliation. I can go check it out if anyone is interested. I'm also real interested on who is interested




First off this should be in the car for sale section.


Second $20k for a non running basket case tii with a bunch of old parts and an untested modified motor sounds  expensive too me.


I also really don't like that they lifted the car with a forklift.


NO rust! Lol. Also they say it's been in storage for years.


They also started the whole ad with: So I am contemplating on selling my car. This usually means I'm trying to see if I can get what I've put into or think my project is worth and won't sell it for any less.

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Not even worth 10K unless seller can cough up detailed paperwork on the engine "rebuild" Even then, the engine is unrun/untried.

Sad when people wave around a stack of receipts assuming they can recoup their investment in full. It just doesn't work that way.


Basically just a shell that comes with a pile of parts

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He’s correct about one thing: restored it could be worth $50K. Of course, you’ll need to put in an additional $70K, after you purchase the existing project, to get there! 😋


And that “hot race cam” has me a bit concerned. I’m guessing that whoever recommended the hot race cam doesn’t know much about hot cams and Kugelfischer pumps... 😯


But if he gets $20K, or near to it, more power to him! At this rate, my ‘73 tii will someday be worth a million, or two... 😂






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