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2002 shop in Orange County cali?

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Hey guys- been a loooooong time since I logged in and I’ve neglected by 2002 for a few years. I went to a shop In the mission viejo area a few years back- and I am forgetting the name- was hoping someone here might be able to redirect me and get me plugged back into the scene so I can bring my baby along some drives and meetups in the near future. Hope everyone is well!



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Thanks for the reply/ I remember meeting him when I was shopping for my initial 2002. I may hit him up later this week. Car hasn’t started in a while~ any ideas as to what I should try to Get it to Start? Probably has been a good year and a half or so. Would love to try stuff before taking it in.

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Make sure the battery is fully charged, New gas in tank, remove the spark plugs, and unplug the positive coil wire (+).  Crank it up to get oil pressure and fuel in the carb (approximately 20-40 seconds).  Reinstall plugs and reconnect positive coil wire.  Should fire up.




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