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SOLD My Restoration (almost) Done- New unused parts sell off

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Price: $1
Location: Northern Colorado

I've almost completed the car, definitely past needing these items...  All are BMW OEM parts in the conditions listed. Prices are firm. Paypal only, and do not include shipping- about 75% of online pricing.  Please PM if interested and I'll determine the shipping cost


2 each 51326540282 Window Guide (used at bottom of door glass).  NEW never installed, $ 40 for both


2 each 51367441110 Rear Window Seal (leading edge of glass).  NEW never installed, $ 45 for both


2 each 51471822072 "Packing" -used under older style door sills.  NEW never installed, $ 45 for both


1 each 51235480192 "Gasket" Long Seal used at rear of hood to seal off heater plenum.  NEW never installed, $ 25


1 each 51216442000 Left Side Door Latch (EARLY style).  Vintage NOS part never installed $ 45


1 each 18268412 Rear 2002 Badge - Later Square Tail Light style.  Nice driver condition, full pins, no deep scratches, not bent  $ 20


AND, I have a few more of my '02 Auto Trunk Opener kits available (NEW) $ 65 including shipping

early latch 2 0520.JPG

early latch 4 0520.JPG

early latch 5 0520.JPG

early latch 3 0520.JPG

early latch 1 0520.JPG

feb parts 1 0221.JPG

feb parts 3 0221.JPG

feb parts 40221.JPG

feb parts 5 0221.JPG

feb parts 2 0221.JPG

Opener with light on.JPG

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