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123 Ignition Plus Bluetooth app question

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I recently got my car tuned at a local shop. I have the 123 Ignitions distributor with the bluetooth feature. I'm curious if there's a way to use the app to read the curve that the shop programmed to the distributor, or would I have to call and ask and hope that they wrote it down somewhere? I thought the "read" function in the app would give me the curve, but not sure if it's their curve or one I previously added to the list. Any insight helps.

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Power up the 123 by turning your key in the ignition to run (don’t start the car).


Connect to the 123 via the App with your phone. 

Go to the Curves section of the App found at the bottom of the screen. This will show you the curve the unit is currently loaded with. You can edit any point on that curve from here, or add a new point. When you’re done editing, push “Close” at the top right of the screen (if I remember correctly).


You can not edit the curve while the engine is running; however, you can use the “Tune” function on the Dash board (that displays the gauges). This advances/retards the entire curve one degree for each push of the button, up to 10 degrees, either way. Example...you hear pinging at 3500 rpm. Hit the tune button and retard the curve with the Neg arrow. 

Hope this helps. 


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