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For Sale - Getrag 245 5 Speed/M10/Diff/Half Shafts

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Price: $1000
Location: Miami, Florida (33166)

Hi All -  I'm sadly selling the drivetrain from my first car, a 1980 BMW 320i.  The body was hit hard by the rust worm, and waaaayyy back in 1997 I pulled the M10 engine, Getrag 245, and 6 bolt differential with the plan to install them in an 02 I ended up selling. Parts have sat in my dad’s garage for 24 years, and its time for them to go.  I've been away from the 02 world for over a decade, so I tried to figure out prevailing prices by searching on here and (gulp) eBay.   I'm really hoping to find these parts a good home.  Pickup in 33166 *strongly* preferred.  Please feel free to PM with questions or limited pics. Thanks, Armando


EDITED: Thanks everyone for your interest!  To responded to common questions: (a) My dad found the driveshaft and exhaust manifolds in a deep corner of the garage. (b) Diff is a 3.91, but has no tag. (c) All worked 100% when removed from the car in 1997.


Getrag 245 5-Speed $1100

“6 Bolt” Differential $300

Half Shafts $200/pair

M10 complete engine, including harness. $700

$2,000 if you buy the whole package.

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Hi there,  I’m interested in your transmission if it is still available, but am in California.  I understand if you don’t feel like dealing with shipping as I’m sure there are people local who will scoop it up.  In the event you are will to help with shipping, A few questions:  how many miles?  Any issues before being removed?  Would you please send photos including the model stamp.





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