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Wiring Identification Help

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The body shop removed the wiring from my car so I didn't have an opportunity to catalogue everything.  I was able to map most of the harness and have it remade, but there are some remaining pieces that I'm unclear about because they aren't represented on the wiring diagram. I'm wondering if some might be associated with the Frigiking AC that was previously installed.  Anyone know what they are?


Car is 1969 standard 2002


Wire 1 -- I think this might have been to the electric choke on the aftermarket Weber?

Wire 1.jpg

Wire 2 

Wire 2.jpg


Wire 3

Wire 3.jpg

Wire 4

Wire 4.jpg

Wire 5

Wire 5a.jpg

Wire 5b.jpg

Wire 5c.jpg

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As a general rule for BMW (and others), a wire can be identified by its color and/or stripes.

Solid colors are not fused

Striped wires are coming from a fuse.

e.g. Solid green wires coming from the ignition switch (+12V in the run position) are not fused, but all the green w/white stripe wires are connected to the solid green through a fuse.

Same with the solid violet wire from the ign. switch (from the R position) connects to all violet w/white stripe wires after the fuse.

So, it appears that wire #2 (solid black with "stock looking" connectors may be from the coil (-) to the tach (if fitted).

#3 wire (Green/white) may be the electric choke cable (fused side to choke), or perhaps to the resistor relay for the coil.

#4 (solid green) looks like it connect the ign switch to the fuse box (for +12V when ign is ON). The short pigtail is a jumper to the hot side of the fuse that feeds +12V to the coil (+) / resistor. Note: do not connect the coil from the fused side of a voltage source....you don't want your car to stop if the fuse blows!

Your last picture (#6?) looks like the original factory wire harness and connectors. 

Red = always hot (to or from ign. switch)

Green = switched hot (to or from ign. switch)

Brown = ground wire

Black = ??? 

Wires #1 and #5 look non-stock, however #5 may be for the A/C (installed by 3rd party).


Good luck with your project....electrical stuff is always a brain teaser.

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On 2/12/2021 at 5:34 PM, Son of Marty said:

#2 might be for a heated rear window if fitted.



I agree with respect to the “L” fitting for connecting at the rear window. But I’m not certain that heated rear windows were quite available on 1969 models. Mike S., whose February 1969 car could not be had with a heated rear window, knows more about the roll-out of the heated rear window option.


My very early ‘70 (VIN 1668093, manufactured September 8, 1969) had a heated rear window and one of those dual-purpose switches to operate it. The car was 3 years old and had 20K+ miles when I purchased it, and it was entirely un-molested. Mike’s thoughts on the topics have even made me consider if the prior (first) owner could have had the heated rear window installed post-factory.


So, Shawn, did your car come to you with a heated rear window?


Best regards,





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   i would like to give you all another option.

since i recently repaired a 1976 80K mile car

that to me appears to be all original, those wires

appear to all be from the dealer installed AC

system. usually the system is Behr, and these

wires are the same as the ones i had to research

and correctly reconnect in this car. wire #1 is the

only wire that is not an original wire and so it may

have been from the pump and rad fan to the fender

relay. #2 is from the console switch for the fender

relay. #3 is the connection from the body harness at

the heater fan to the AC fan. #4 is also the console

controls to the heater fan so that both fans cannot

be used at the same time. #5 is the main power

harness from the battery to the fender relay. the

remainder of the pictures appear to show the wire

group from the console to the fender relay and

other connection ends behind the console. it took

me several hours to fix this system because

someone was there before.


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2 hours ago, Son of Marty said:

#2 might be for a heated rear window if fitted.

Yes, good call.

The heating element has a black wire with a flag connector. Did the '69s have a heated rear window?  I know the '69 VW Bug did...it was the first year for the heated rear window.

Rear window heater.jpg

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The rear window in my car may not be original (I need to check the makers mark) but it didnt have defrost at all.  unnamed (3).jpg



Is it possible that the black wire would come off the resistor? 


unnamed (4).jpg

Screenshot 2021-02-12 190322.png



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4 hours ago, Conserv said:

But I’m not certain that heated rear windows were quite available on 1969 models. Mike S., whose February 1969 car could not be had with a heated rear window knows more about the roll-out of the heated rear window option.

Steve beat me to it.  Not sure when US-bound 2002s started coming with heated rear windows, but it was well after mine was produced.  I tried to order my car with the heated rear window (Jan 69) but Hoffman told me it wouldn't be available "for at least six months." 


In fact, I've only seen one US 2002 with a clear glass heated rear window--and it took me over 20 years to find one on a parts car.  I think all the 68-70 cars came with clear glass--the (slightly) tinted glass wasn't introduced until the modell 71 cars came out in April 1971.  But those right-angle connectors with black insulation are exactly what BMW used on heated backlights, as I scrounged such a harness when I installed my heated backlight, fulfilling a 20+ year frustration. 


More than a few wires in Shawn's picture appear to be from some aftermarket accessory, like the A/C unit.  BMW didn't use those rigid, blue-tinted insulating sleeves over the terminals--theirs were flexible and clear (now discolored to a yellowish color).  



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