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Front Licence plate bracket

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Price: $30
Location: Port Moody BC, Canada




I needed 3 frt licence plate brackets for 3 2002's that I have here in the shop so I made a few        I have 9 for sale.   They are made from 1/8 steel  ( the BMW ones are made from much thinner steel and looks like galvanized )   and then plated in silver    I am including all the mounting hardware as well        All hardware is stainless steel, the philips screws have been buffed and polished,then coated with Everbrite to keep them nice and shiny.  There is also neoprene rubber washers to use between the bracket and the bumper, also between the plate and the bracket.    The licence plate bolts have domed nuts instead of regular nuts  ( much nicer to look at )


$30.00  US each     includes tracking number and insurance       Shipping across CONUS is from 16-18 US      depending on East or West coast


Time to get your plate off the bumper and onto these very special frt licence brackets.   I "borrowed " PaulTWinterton's frt bumper to mount one to show how great they look, last picture shows all the parts broken down


Thanks, Rick

Frt Licence plate bracket 1.jpg

Frt Licence plate bracket 2.jpg

Frt Licence plate bracket 3.jpg

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I have had several inquires  about getting more than one at a time      I have priced these as low as I can go and have figured out the shipping with just fitting one into a cardboard tube.  What I can do, is get a larger tube and see what 2 in that tube would cost for shipping.    Unfortunately, with the Canadian dollar rising against the US dollar has taken away all of my ability to play with the price


Thanks, Rick 

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Hi everyone,


Had a chance to price out 2 ata time for shipping and was able to work something out so shipping for 2 is only 3.00 ( west coast ) and 5 .00 more for the east coast      It is just for the extra weight 


so shipping for 2 will be $19.00 US and $21.00  US    


Thanks, Rick 

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