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FOUND Roundie tail light...reflector only

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On 1/15/2021 at 1:45 PM, 2002iii said:

Your going to need a whole lens, not worth trying to glue one back together. Do you have the red or yellow center on your taillights? I have some nice used lenses I could sell you, pm me.

I have been repairing these lenses for some time, so I'd like to weigh in on your request, if I may.


Technically, the part shown is not a reflector, it's a diffuser for the 'brake light' section of the lens.  They melt and curl up like that when overheated... but 'may be' repairable if not too badly melted (unlike yours, which looks like it's toast).


Melting lenses is common - usually the 'tail light' section after using a 'brake light' bulb to increase brightness,  I know, I made that mistake ONCE.  It led me to develop the 'Plus Two' upgrade some decades ago.

Your picture shows a pretty bad result, so I'm not optimistic that it could be repaired, though the lens could be restored and used if the proper segment were available... 


On 1/15/2021 at 2:29 PM, kbmb02 said:

If the main portion of the light housing is intact, that piece can be replaced fairly easily. (It doesn’t matter which side ‘donor’ you find - but there are two different types in terms of reflectors in each light.) -KB

This is true - the diffuser has no left/right hand, same part is used in both left and right lenses.  This part may be extracted *carefully* from any lens to replace the damaged one.  I am working on a fixture to straighten this particular piece when it is slightly melted or warped, restoring the shape it held originally.


The 'tail light' sector is an entirely different assembly- it includes a flat red panel, a clear retro-reflector (mirrors light back to the source}, then a red outer layer.  This makes the left and right lenses non-interchangeable because they are vertically symmetrical to match the functional layout in the metal reflectors.  The tails are outboard, the brakes inboard.  Lenses are not interchangeable, but their internal components are; yet another reason I love the 'Round Tail Light'.  This can keep costs down while restoring a light to usefulness.


I like doing what I can to keep your old classics on the road (and it keeps me in whiskey).


Oh - by the way, I am eager to save damaged lenses from the scrap pile, hopefully using their parts to save other lenses as far as possible, so if anyone has one or more to donate (or sell), please get in touch and let's make a deal!  Red or amber turns OK.



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