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Early tii steel wheel, rear door panels, bypass pipe, more

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Price: $80
Location: San Diego, CA

Hi, extra parts for sale. Will ship for actual cost, local (Point Loma) pickup fine as well:


  1. sold - Tii steel wheel, KPZ  2/72 date, 5 J x 13. Media blasted and painted with etching primer. $80
  2. sold - Early black rear door panels. Mylar coating on strip peeling but otherwise great and backing boards still rigid and correct shape. Chrome top, steel support and ash trays all there.  $85/pair
  3. sold - Early rear seatback map pockets. Tobacco color. Great if yours are missing or perfect to salvage vinyl for seat repairs. $10/pair
  4. 13" wheel trim rings, aftermarket chromed plastic. Looks good on stock late steelies, also fits early steel wheel with small dog dish hubcaps. $15/all four
  5. sold - Cast aluminum heat shield. "R121" labeling, should fit most stock manifolds; media blasted and looks great. $40
  6. E21 radiator fans (square hole mount pattern). One has heat activated clutch. Comes with circular lockplate. $15/all
  7. sold - Choke cable lot, one with 02 choke knob and mounting escutcheon. Approx 32" long. $25/all
  8. sold - HUF folding key blank, usage unknown, sadly not an O2 blank (too thick). $5
  9. E21 coolant bypass tube, used for sidedraft conversion. $18
  10. E21 coolant divider neck, with sensors. $20
  11. M10 flywheel bellhousing cover. $15
  12. 320i emblem - free for the cost of shipping
  13. sold - NOS cloth braided brake hose, enough for reservoir to MC and clutch pipe, blue. $20
  14. sold - NOS cloth braided brake hose, enough for reservoir to MC and clutch pipe, black. $10
  15. Distributor cap static noise suppression shroud, fits all M10 distributors. $5
  16. Big bumper front shock covers. $8/pair
  17. sold - Noltec complete front end urethane suspension kits; apparently at least 20 yrs old, found in a box and while all there, some of the blue urethane bits are crumbly. Perfect if you need new metal sleeves or? - free for the cost of shipping















21-trim ring.JPG

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