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Need some help please - 2002 McKinney, Tx

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Hey guys -


I have a friend that is looking to buy a 2002.  He found a 71 in McKinney, Tx.  


Here's the ad:  https://classics.autotrader.com/classic-cars/1971/bmw/2002/101422647


Anyone that knows the car?  FAQ owner?  If it's an FAQ owner, PM me please so we can talk about the car.


if not - any FAQ'ers in the DFW area that can go take a look?


Please let me know.



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It looks OK.  I'd like to see if it's rusty in the wrong places - around the pedal box, around the rockers, etc.


I'm worried that the paint is covering something.  Look how the tops of the struts under the hood have been painted.  Look how the shock towers in the trunk have been painted.  What lurks beneath?


That's what I see in the pics anyway.


If my buddy could schedule and inspection - when is good for you? Please let me know.  I'll find a worthy tribute in all the 2002 parts I have yet to get rid of as a reward.



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The first thing I noticed is the cheap rota wheels, then they painted the shock covers in the rear and the shock bolts on the front. The headliner is not original and looks like crap on the sunroof. AC console but no signs of a compressor under the hood. To top it all off its overpriced and it's been tainted by select classics.

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As the warning flags go up...

  • Those are non-reclining seats from a 1600--US '02s only had fully reclining ones
  • as has been pointed out, the seat upholstery pattern is wrong, and I suspect the headliner has been dyed black to cover stains
  • A/C compressor and hoses are gone as is the condenser.  Note empty holes in right side radiator support bracket, where the condenser hoses should go, but the Frigiking console is still there. 
  • No weatherstripping on the sunroof
  • red center tail lights--not on a 71--68 and 69 only
  • At least the underside looks clean and rust free, but the paint could be covering a multitude of sins
  • IIRC Inka wasn't a pre-modell 71 (VINs 166/7XXXX) color, which this car is

That's a lotta coin for a car with a possibly sketchy provenance--no VIN shown, no motor number shown, et etc. and a lot of non-original things, including the paint, seats etc. 


As the ancient Roman scroll magazine Horse & Chariot said, caveat emptor...





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While everyone above is right,


from the pictures I see, there aren't any really big red flags,

other than the price.  Which seems really high to me,

but I'm not into 'wealth management'


The pictures I see look ok.  The underside isn't undercoated,

it's not obviously rusty, and nothing looks out of place.


That said, I don't really see the underside of the driver's front rail,

the inner side of the rocker panels, up inside the rear subframe mounts, and so on.


For that price, I'd expect to spend an afternoon with the seller and his 

lift, a compression tester, a coolant sniffer, and a BS detector.



who uses those Rotas with rain tires.  They're good value for little money.

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