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Hi All. New to the site. ‘71 2002. Just completed doing all four brakes. Complete rebuild of front calipers. New rubber front brake lines. New metal lines from rear wheel cylinders to existing rubber lines. Cut/ground off seized rear brake shoe adjusters from backer plate both sides. Replaced with after market two part adjusters from Jaymic UK. ( these needed drilling/tapping with new set screws to work correctly and other fiddling to make work. Ask for more info if needed, but ultimately they worked and were my only option since I could not find used backer plates).

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7 minutes ago, 2002iii said:

Why would you go through all of the trouble to replace the metal brake lines and keep the old rubber lines? I would replace all the rubber lines with braided stainless steel lines. Did you replace the rear wheel cylinders?

Definitely worth replacing the rear cylinders which should come with new bleeders. Also the old rubber lines often times collapse inside and act like one-way valves. Good work on replacing the rear adjuster nuts.  Would be interested in pictures if you can post them.

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The car has been in storage for 15 years. New wheel cylinders, shoes, and drums. All the back plate shoe adjusters were helplessly seized; BP Blaster, torch, homemade rustbusting cocktails didn’t get them to yield. I will do a separate posts on the replacing adjusters and rehabbing the front calipers. Mea culpa, I got lazy on the rear flex lines.

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