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Back From The Body Shop


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After 12 seasons of hard racing I decided to refresh the body on my Koepchen 2002. It was getting just a bit ratty!


This last season was particularly hard on it as I was hit 4 times, the worst was gettin T-boned in Seattle by a Lotus S7. Look for the video on my YouTube channel.


Jim collected the car yesterday from the body shop and sent these pictures. Looks like new!


The transmission is back from England and in the car. Now all we need are the trim, grills, and period decals and she's ready to race.









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Thanks Mark. Between the hairline cracks in the bondo and fiberglass on the fenders and the various OOPS (see below), it was really getting to be time. They only did from the belt line down. The top and decks were fine.



This was the hit from the Lotus S7 at Seattle in July.

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16 hours ago, 2002iii said:

Fresh stickers look great!


Shouldn't it say Avon instead of Firestone?

My car is a tribute to Hans Peter Koepchen who was a privateer that ran against the factory cars, Alpina cars, and Schnitzer cars with some success. In period Peter Koepchen ran Firestones and had a deal with them. From the Nurburgring 1971:


58 Koepchen car.jpg

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