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Presume you're referring to the clock that fits into the instrument binnacle where the tach is normally found on US stick shift 2002s...if so, read on.  


Your clock should have a lead with a matching female plug on its end.  Failing that you'll have to find three female terminals that match the male pins and figure out which wire goes to what.  IIRC one is the ground, one powers the clock and the third is for illumination.  The pin for the clock should be hot all the time, the one for the clock's light bulb should be live only when the dash lights are on, and the remaining one should be the ground.



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Correct me if i'm wrong, but isn't the harness for the 'in cluster' or 'tii' clock the same as the tach harness? If so maybe an ad in the Parts Wanted section may get you a 'tach harness" from some one parting out a car. If all else fails you will have the 3-pin plug.

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I made a clock connector from an old appliance plug (6 or 9 pin).

I just cut it and used hot glue to hold the female terminals in the connector after it was attached to the 3 clock pins on the instrument pod.  The pins are "almost" inline, so the extra room in each plug socket was enough to make it work. Hence the glue to keep it that way.

VDO Clock for 2002.jpg

Clock Connections.jpg

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