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I picked up some vintage Hella driving lights and now need to install switch, relay and wiring....I bought the Hella ValueFit kit which is really nice, just need to find an appropriate spot to snake the harness through the firewall bulkhead to get into the interior and mount the switch.  Not having much luck looking for a grommet to push through so far!

Certainly someone has been through this exercise and can advise.  Thanks,

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Look up under the dash near the steering column.  I think even the later squarelights have a plugged hole for the manual choke cable, as some Euro cars still used a manual choke, single barrel Solex carb.  If so, you can replace the plug with a properly-sized grommet and poke your wire through that.  If that doesn't work, you should be able to force the wire through the existing grommet that carries the main wiring bundle from engine compartment to passenger compartment.  Try lubricating the wire with a little silicone grease or even dish soap.  Bet it'll pop right through.  


Switch location:  a very popular location is where the dummy (green) switch is on the console.  E21s used very similar switches, so one scrounged from an E21 will match the existing emergency flasher switch, just in a different color.  Failing that, most any type of switch will fit in the hole once the dummy switch is popped out.



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Thoughts on switch location:


If your lights are of the kind that won't blind oncoming drivers, then Mike's solution is good.


If your lights are of the "Rally" kind, e.g. SuperOscars (x4) then you will want a switching system that you can turn on and off quickly, for twisty road driving in horrible fog or at night. Or both.  After several permutations, I ended up installing a rocker switch in the top of the shift knob, with a "select out" switch on the console. Works well for me, but a lot of work drilling the shifter stem etc. Relay driven of course.


When someone asks what the switch is for, I reply either ejector seat (Sunroof cars only) , or rockets; you know, for heavy traffic, which you will need if you have a Sport clutch. (They fit nicely in the cutouts where the bumper shocks go in the frame rails). Just kidding! I have none of those....But get tired of passengers asking.

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Got it covered-

popped the fuse box off and used the compartment to chase the hood release cable and the opening has plenty of room with a rubber seal already in place.

I will use the dummy fog light switch location or the dummy green button on the console location for my switch and the lights will be independent of headlights.

Now the decision of above or below the bumper- rectangular look better below I think.

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Yeah they're driving lights and I know the idea is to have them up with the headlamps but in reality this is more for aesthetics than pure function.  My old '75 owned many years ago had Bosch driving lights below the bumper and just looked right- there's a pic in the "OLD 2002 Pics" thread.

@Limerock 1984.JPG

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I just received nice set of vintage Hella 160s from Enzo05 (site vendor)...decided to set up with relay triggered by the high beam since there was a convenient connector next to battery. Lights powered direct from battery and I use them living in dark rural area with lots of deer. I also used the stout brackets provided by Pierre (also site vendor). Night Vision!


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