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Exhaust Manifold Studs... Copper RTV or Blue Permatex?

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Fresh Engine rebuild. New exhaust studs and copper nuts from Ireland Engineering. I know the top row needs to seal against oil leaks. Some say Blue Permatex. Others say Copper RTV and I know I can't use both. Does my choice affect the torque setting? When I screw them in by hand I can still wiggle them. I know they are not yet torqued but I get the impression the thicker Copper RTV would seal better. Also, What exhaust gasket has built-in heat shields for plug wires?

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Thanks ... I had read specifically to NOT use the Red... tonight I have the Blue and the Copper in front of me. There really is a chance of them backing out? Is that on a performance use or even just moderate street use?

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There is always a chance they will back out or come along with the nut no matter what you use to seal the threads. But thats when removing, they normally wont just "back out' on their own if properly installed.

Use copious amounts of anti seize on the threads of the exposed portion of the stud.

Use the blue locktite on CLEAN surfaces and call it good. Dont over tighten into the aluminum threads.

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I would go with the copper stuff its meant for high heat. I Don't see why red loctite would be a problem, just harder to break loose if you need to remove the studs. Either one will work. No change in torque spec.


For the exhaust gasket with the heat sheild you want the one from the 1984-1985 e30 318i part # 11621723876

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Clean, clean, clean.

There are tiny brushes that work well for this.




Blue locite.


Red would be OK, too.


No sillycones.


in my experience...




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