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Removal of 4 speed logo on dash

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Hi there,


You can use DOT brake fluid which is safe on vinyl.  If stubborn, I would let it sit a little and use a soft bristle brush to do the trick.


As with any endeavor, please test on a small piece first and keep a close eye on the finish while removing.  I would say at the very least brake fluid conditions the vinyl and it has been proven from multiple posts I have seen on other forums.


Hope this helps and do a little research just in case.


Best of luck,



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I wouldn't use any solvents like acetone. They will likely change the texture of the dash since they soften the vinyl material.  


Try isopropyl alcohol or a citrus based sticker/decal remover.  If you're careful, you might add some heat to speed up the process.  


Dont scrap at it with anything metal.  Plastic spudger tools are cheap and fairly surface safe.  



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