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Current 2002 Registrations in US - Public Records Request

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^ As a 1600-2 owner I am feeling a little kicked under the carpet regarding that SC request. 

Joking aside, ALL registered BMWs from that age range might be a much simpler task for the dmv and would capture all the cars, even ones titled oddly. 

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@scottjeffrey raised this topic recently which got me wondering how many remain in my state (Massachusetts).  There were alot of them in the 80s when I had my original '74, but outside of a German car

I'll request California's. This is gonna be a fun rabbit hole.

In Michigan if it takes longer than 15 minutes to compile they charge you at 15 minute increments. They don't state the amount just that it's the lowest hourly rate in that dept.  Gotta love the

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2 hours ago, Lorin said:


... Joking aside, ALL registered BMWs from that age range might be a much simpler task for the dmv and would capture all the cars, even ones titled oddly...






Best regards,




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The response back from SC DMV is below.  The cost to run the search is $60.82.  This won't break the bank for me, but the "reward" for volunteering to contact their DMV should not also be shouldering the full cost, especially in states where the cost is much higher. 


Perhaps if there is interest from the community, a cost-sharing fund might be created and managed by someone we all trust such as @Conserv .  It would encourage participation in all states, and confirm the value it would bring to the community.  If nobody donates, nobody cares 😉  I think it's an interesting endeavor, but it's also a snapshot in time, and should be done every few years to look at the trends.  Hopefully the numbers go up over time rather than down as people restore and register their cars.


Has anyone thought of checking companies like Hagerty for similar information?


My $.02 (or '02)






The South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles (SCDMV) has received your Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request.   

We can provide you with a list of active registrations for the parameters specified with the following information


  • MAKE

We will not include personal data, including ownership information or VINs, in this FOIA request. 

As you may know, FOIA requests have a nominal fee associated with documents, records, and time involved in search and retrieval. You can see a fee structure on our website at Freedom of Information Act (scdmvonline.com)  

We have determined the total cost of the request to be $60.82. 

To proceed with the request, please send payment in the form of a check or money order, made out to the SC Department of Motor Vehicles, to the address below:  


South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles 
ATTN: Strategic Communications Department 
PO Box 1498 
Blythewood, SC 29016-0009 

Upon receipt of the full amount, we will release the report to you by email.

If you agree to the charges and would like to proceed with your request, please respond to this email stating you agree to the charges. We will then compile the report and await payment. 

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