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Doesn't look like there's an engine behind the seats. The side pipes start right behind the front wheels. Maybe the V8 is pushed as far back as it will go and that makes it "mid-engine". Regardless, looks like it will "go like stink". Nothing's quite as fast as stink.

Edit: narrowed Ford 9" rear end is not a transaxle.

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This isn't really a 2002 anymore. Whoever built this crazy monstrosity doesn't know BMW's. They basically put a 2002 body on a kit car frame. I bet it gets hot with a v8 right behind you! If it has a ford 9" and a 5.0 mid mounted the driveshaft is super short or non existent.The rear fenders look like they're made out of fiberglass bathtubs lol. I wouldn't touch this with a 10 foot pole. 

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That's a Darren Young style taillight conversion.

V8 is front mounted and moved rearward, look at trans tunnel.

I would need to test drive that beast but looks like some outside the box crazy fun.


Not much different than a 540hp rotary conversion...

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