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I JUST traded in a White over Blue ‘76 Auto in NY. It shows 60-70K miles, I believe, and I was told that’s original. I found it on Barnfinds, bought it, brought it straight to the mechanic to make it 100% safe to drive, but he delayed doing the work for so long that I lost interest and just turned it in as part of a package on something new. I, literally, haven’t driven it one inch since the mechanic finished. The dealer went and picked it up. 


When I got it, I was told that the front clip was painted in the ‘90s, and the car was pretty much put to bed inside of a garage a few years after that. It’s got newly reupholstered Recaros, AC (the blower works, I don’t know beyond that), brand new German seatbelts bought from BlueDevils on this board ($$$, not the cheap ones from many sources), brand new custom OEM door brakes from Ray on this board, plus whatever it took to make the car run well. (A bit over $1K paid last week.) There’s some rust on the rear passenger side lower quarter panel, but that’s about it. Make no mistake, it’s a driver and not a show car, but it seemed to be a solid car, so I paid up for it planning on doing a full Restomod, but like I said, I lost interest. It doesn’t look like it’s up on the dealer’s site, yet, so I guess he’s waiting until they detail it. I won’t make any money if you buy it, and wish I’d seen this a week earlier as I’m sure I would’ve done better, but below is his web site. I’m sure he still has it. The below pics are from the original ad. The video was the mechanic moving it when I was in for work on a different car. 








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