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5 hours ago, Conserv said:

Lux package cars had a center armrest for the rear seat. The Lux package was available on Euro-spec cars in 1974-75.


Optimally you’d like the entire backrest or backrest frame. The armrest folds into the backrest.


Rare, but not unheard of.







I should have known you would correct me lol. It would be a euro only thing. I would try a e30 one a lot easier to find.

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5 hours ago, 2002iii said:

...I would try a e30 one a lot easier to find....




It so happens that I’ve thought about a Lux package backrest for the last 44 years; I’m still waiting for one to come along. I’m guessing that @IanIrelandmight be in... Ireland, where, thus, there might be a few more Lux package interiors than here in the States.






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I had a Lux interior in my first tii back in 1988 and have one in my third tii .  This was a nice option and consisted of many of the nicer interior features of the larger six cylinder cars: real wood surrounding the gauges (not the faux wood as found on school desks Lol) real wood surrounding the ashtray, wood strips at the top of the door panels and fold out map pockets, feintuft velour upholstery and carpet, locking glovebox, wood shift knob, fold down armrest on the rear seat, three point rear safety belts, and front seat belts that used an inertia reel that was concealed better, velour on the rear parcel shelf, intermittent wipers, and to let everybody know you had a Lux interior: a black backing badge that fit under the 2002/2002tii emblem on the rear panel of the car that had what is interpreted as an "L" below the emblem.

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