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Engine bay decal


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If you are looking for authenticity, be very careful and scrutinize the decals being offered. As noted, there are many variations and many screwed-up copies.

I was fortunate that my original decals were still legible so I could ensure the new ones were as correct as could be.


Even though I requested an Oil Decal showing 6000 km intervals, I was still sent a 7500 km one.

Also note incorrect printing (see pics);-

Über + 30°C is not über - 30°C

Über - 10°C is not unter - 10°C

I did manage to find a correct one after searching.




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I too was after that fresh decal look and luckily was able to create my own and use the office lazer printer to print onto A4 waterproof sticky backed stock. Not totally to originality... i couldnt resist to add Targa specific naming! 😬


Still look good after a couple of years under the bonnet, even a wipe over with damp rag doesnt smudge the ink. 










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