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SOLD Colgan Custom BRA for 2002 Vintage Used

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Price: $25
Location: Northern Colorado

So you've installed that NOS 8 track player, got the sheepskin seat covers on order and are looking for a mint old BMWCCA badge, but something's still missing...


This is a used Colgan Custom BRA with BMW roundel logo in very good condition, considering it's age.  It's marked "Colgan Custom" with their logo and "15"(the model number?).  It has the side holes for marker lights, but I have no idea if these were specific to roundie or square tail lights.


The Bad?

The center mesh areas have some tears.

Some of the fuzzy edging in at least one place is loose and needs re-sewing.

I needs a good bath.  Been in clean dry storage for years but there's dust in the crevices from it's previous life.  No grease or other grime though.


The Good?

The wind deflector thing at the center top is in fine shape.

I didn't find any holes in the vinyl covering in a reasonably careful inspection.

The bungie thing at the top is intact, as are the bendy vinyl covered tabs which must be used to attach it at the sides (note- this has never been on my car, it came to me in with a bunch of other parts).

The really good?
it's cheap!  $25 + shipping (it fits in a USPS large fixed price box) via paypal gift - or i'll send an invoice including their fee)


Want it?  PM to me please.  First come, first served.

bra 1.JPG

bra 2.JPG

bra 3.JPG

bra 5.JPG

bra 4.JPG

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