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Price: $100
Location: Denver, CO

Happy new year FAQers!  I’m starting off 2021 with a garage cleaning, so it’s time for all of this stuff to find a new home. 


For some background on the parts, all 2002 parts came off of my ‘74 Automatic non-tii. It was a California car for all but a few years garaged in Portland, then with me garaged in Denver. As such, it’s in great shape and has very little rust.  I had it as a daily driver for three years, including a 1300 mile road trip. Aside from a few minor issues left by the PO, it’s been a trouble free car.  I’m in the middle of an M20 restomod job, and this list represents everything not going back on the car.  Everything was functional when removed unless otherwise noted. 


The E30 parts are from an ‘87 325is. It was the donor car, it had ~110k on the clock, and it ran fine.  Not sure if there will be much interest, but figured it wouldn’t hurt to post. 


I’m not looking to hard bargain, just want to clear up some space and recoup a little cash.  If you’re interested in anything, make me an offer.  PM me or shoot me an email at [email protected]    I’ll be happy to provide any additional info or pics.  I’ll take PayPal, you pay shipping, other than make me an offer.  The motor and transmission are for local pickup only, everything else I’m happy to ship. I’ll mark everything sold once it disappears. 


Thanks for looking!




Radiator fan 

carbon canister 

ignition coil 

AT shifter and surround SOLD

FrigiKing AC console (1 fan speed works,evaporator condition unknown car had no compressor) 

Throttle linkage bar 

Automatic pedal box SOLD

gas pedal 

washer fluid tank SOLD


side reflectors/lights 

US front turn signals 

Kenwood CD player 

Front brake rotors and calipers  SOLD

Front brake backer shields

Front hubs

rear drum brake set  SOLD

brake fluid reservoir  SOLD

brake hard lines SOLD

fuel level sender  SOLD

Fuel vapor tank  SOLD

Fuel tank filler rubber boot (cracked) 

spare tire well SOLD

driver side taillight gasket (poor condition)

single headlight bulb 

front springs 

rear springs 

Front Bilstein struts (from the 70s)

Rear Sachs Super Touring shocks

Rear Swaybar w/ mounting hardware 

Front Swaybar w/ mounting hardware 

Front Swaybar - Ireland (it was mounted for a few months but looks brand new, no mounting hardware) 

Rear upper spring perches 

Front strut  bearings and upper mounting hardware  SOLD

F&R bumpers and trim 

set of Vial 13x6 basketweave wheels with 175/70r13 tires  4 center caps included  SOLD

13x6 spare w/ 175/70r13 tire

Motor and automatic transmission
Exhaust headers

Motor mounts

Complete exhaust  SOLD

Rear seat - black, good condition, ask for pics

BMW sport steering wheel w/ hub - 38 cm, no leather trim, ask for pics





Motor mounts 

exhaust manifolds 

coolant overflow tank 

clutched radiator fan 

carbon canister 

oil pan w/ oil level sender 


AC Compressor Bracket 

Tranny exhaust hanger 








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