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Hood Won't Stay Open - Fix and Pics

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For those with a hood that won't stay open without a prop...  like me.   The problem starts here:


Hood Support-2180.jpg


And more specifically how the "L" shipped end of each torsion bar fits in the hood bracket:


Hood Support-2184.jpg


After time the steel bar wears a hole in the pot metal bracket and hood doesn't stay up:


Hood Support-1112.jpg



Now @AustrianVespaGuy has shared a tip that you can try swapping the two brackets side to side so the bar rests on a flat surface again.  Well some PO of mine did that trick oh, about 25 years ago and I have holes on BOTH sides of each bracket.  Got new ones - 41611812927 and am good!!



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As posted on the FAQ in the past, zinc die cast material "creeps" under constant loading to take on a new permanent dimension.  I've been wanting to come up with an insert for the rod to bear on and provide "footing" enough to avoid relaxing of the rod torque (then the hood stays up).

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He put the right side mount on the left and left on the right.  Spring rod pushes on the other side of the notch.  Snaps up just like new.

Mark location of bolt in the fender brace support.

Support hood 

Remove one brace bolt at a time.   Tape the first side brace to the upper section so it doesn't scratch the fender paint.

When removing the second brace, hang onto it also because it will want to spring forward.


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Posted (edited)
10 hours ago, esty said:

one of my hoods does not stay open and i am confused about your post...what did you do to fix it just replace the supports?





If one side of the slot in the brackets is still flat then just swap brackets side to side.  If someone has already done that and both sides are gouged out then get 2 new brackets like your pic!

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