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Setting choke on a Weber DGAV

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I've just rebuilt the Weber 32/36 DGAV on my 02 and I'm having a bit of trouble setting the choke.  How do most people set them on these?  Do you install the 3 bolt choke assembly without tension and then turn the assembly to the desired tension level?  Any tips, tricks or advice is appreciated.



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Make sure that the choke element is completely cool before adjusting, and cycle the throttle linkage to make sure that the choke butterflies are in their 'closed' position. Adjust the position of the choke butterflies via rotation of the choke element housing until there is a butterfly opening of about 2-3mm. Start the engine, and adjust the fast idle screw located on the choke mechanism to the desired cold idle speed (the fast idle screw is kind of hidden underneath the choke housing, with it's head pointing back toward the firewall). Let the engine warm up, and verify that the butterflies open fully when the engine is at normal operating temperature. Done!

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...that's a good starting point....


but it really does matter how warm it is when you DO the procedure!!!


Once you do Dross' procedure, you'll be in the ballpark.  If you have a water choke, you may find that it pulls

off too 'slowly', and you're revving too fast at 'mostly warm'.  The water temperature lags the cylinder

head temperature by 'a little' to 'quite a bit' so you may find yourself 'opening' the choke.


The electric choke roughly times out- but it's not exact.  I found myself with 2-3mm on a VERY WARM day,

whereas 'cool to cold ' (45f around here) was snapped full closed.


Another limitation of both chokes:  "warmed up" engine is only partially warm bimetal.  

The choke continues to heat (and add opening force) long after the choke plates are fully open.

So 'partially cold' starts are variable.  I often found that after a 15-30 minute sit, NOT setting the

choke on the 'cold idle' stop UNTIL I was cranking set the choke about right.


You develop a feel- adjust it until it behaves about like you want, and then you learn

the tricks that your settings (and engine) like.



more about the error than the trial

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