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So, Would YOU Be Satisfied with This Kind of Work

Captain Manly

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So this is a continuum of my prior posts.


I would like to get a peers assessment of my recent experience of sunroof seal installation service, from a so call preferred restoration expert of such vehicles,  just for the record.


I would welcome all view points on the quality of service from those who have done this at their own shop, or at home or on a drunken dare at an 2002 event.   







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No expert on sunroof seals but I did replace one years ago and it looked far better than that.

Just wondering though, how does the rest of it look? We can only see the aft section.

Is it possible to tear up the rear part if the panel is not rigged properly?

Its not, rigged properly that is. Clearly binding/scraping at the corner.

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1 hour ago, John_in_VA said:

I'm not sure why you started another post on this same subject?

Not even an amateur member here would do that type of work on their car.

you just posted the same thread...like donald trump's bogus claims, repeating them doesn't change facts...


yes, you were screwed with that installation

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Oh I know as soon as I got it back from him I was screwed,  Just want to get out of his shop in one piece (having his CHL prominently displayed during time of payment was a clear message to me, while it was absent during the drop off).


What I want is to get peers views as to how it should have been done in the first place.  Judging from the amount of glue on the seal, they attempted several tries to install, as well as it is improperly recessed below the level of the front seal (I believe in Bo Black's installation the seals are flushed to the roof.  Personally I don't even think they made the effort to remove the panel to properly attach the rear seal.  Something a self proclaimed preferred "restorer" would know.


Am I missing anything on this repair assessment?


Anytime one has to pay more to correct another vendors work or lack there of is the tale tell of the aforementioned.  I will have the new vendor document what he had to do to correct what SC did (or did not, would not, could not).  Mainly to refute all of his excuses, counter claims he has responded to my disapproval.  


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