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Rear Ride Height Question - 74 tii

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Hey Guys,


Happy new year! I am keen to get some feedback on the best was remedy a rear ride height issue.


I recently had some Eibach 1 inch lowering springs put on my 74 tii. Front is great, but the back has dropped a little too much (more than the 1 inch!) . I am experiencing a bit of rubbing in the wheel arch when driving through corners + the general camber of the rear is pointing inwards. 


Can I lift the rear without replacing the new springs? Would an upper rear spring pad (1 or 3 dot) help with his issue? Any other suggestions/quick fixes? FYI back shocks are Koni's.









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Looks good Dion I would keep that height. 

If you measure from the belt line front and rear on the centerline of your wheels the rear looks slightly higher.

Maybe give the inner fender lip a good roll and some inner fender reshaping. 


Sorry senior moment I forgot you could confuse front and rear.

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We're the springs marked front and rear?


Sometimes what you show is because the fronts were put in back mistakenly. I did this once with Dinan springs....,


The rake on the car should be about 1" from the front jack point to the rear jack point, or 1 Degree..

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7 hours ago, dlacey said:

Yes those pads top & bottom can increase ride height. No need to go urethane, the original rubber ones seem indestructible.

Just to make sure you know:  those upper spring pads come in three thicknesses, marked with 1, 2 or 3 dots--one dot being the thinnest (28mm) and the three dot being 38 mm.  Quite handy when it comes to leveling the car.  And the rubber ones will work just fine; they don't seem to wear out.





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That looks a bit low at the back for Eibachs, the drop is minimal, it does look like the springs are reversed.

Heres mine on Eibach sports, the tyre sits just inside the arch, not as far up as yours, it’s an easy mistake to make.


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Just making sure, but you did remove the front strut top aluminum spacer correct? If yes, and you want to add a little height to the rear then I’d go with 3 dot rear pads. That should give you some clearance and still look fine.


edit: I see your from Australia, so I don’t think the front spacer will apply to you unless your 02 was a us spec version although I hear some from other countries also had these standard. 

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Just space it until you're happy-

if you use plywood, soak in some paint product

so it doesn't trap water....


...yes, you CAN use just about anything, as the indexing

can on the top has plenty of length.



uses 1/4" aluminum shims on the E30 race car.

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Yes you probably don't have the front strut spacers we got in the US. They're mostly all removed now and fit as spacers in the back. You see them sometimes relocated above the fender around the strut mount. Seems about right on mine. 


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*Update - here's an image of springs on the rear of my car.


The code on the spring is 2001.001 - so it looks like the mechanic installed front springs on the rear of the car. Back springs should read 2001.002.


this should be an easy swap, but my mechanic cut 1/2 a coil top lower front... good times!


IMG_1035 (1).PNG

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Another peanut gallery thought corollary.


Be cautious if your mechanic is fiddling with your injection system. And NEVER EVER let him "turn the screw"! EVER!


That said, if you take the dimensions of the cut spring, noting the compressed length if you can, then "we" can calculate the spring rate etc. as it will be used in the back. It "might" be not too far off an can be reasonably bumped up by the spacers.


You will need:

OD of spring

ID of spring

Wire thickness

Number of coils including partial

Free length


If anyone has the original specs, then we can compare.


Good to go.

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