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Door Lock mechanism problem


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OK my bad.... the solution was in the forums. So the lock SHOULD double click when the door is closed. Will we install tomorrow and adjust for this :)



Hey. I’ve read a bunch of posts about door locks but can’t seem to find a solution. Before I take the other door card off to check against the working lock I’m asking for help. 

Door won’t lock. I’ve taken out the mechanism for a good cleaning and hopefully you can make out the problem from the pics:


pic 1 is when the door is open 

pic 2 is where the problem is. Here the door is closed and the latch moves to the first notch. However the locking part won’t move down, it’s hitting the pin. See pic 3. 

Maybe something has gotten out of line?


also, under normal operation what moves the latch to the second notch? Can’t seem to figure out 





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The mechanism  won't lock until the second latch is achieved.


That happens when you slam the door shut, rather, really firmly close the door. Just like when you have new door seals.

and remember to have the plastic nub on the catch, and a newish rubber wedge too.


Remember, this a German car of the '70s..........

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