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Pedal Box - Boosterless conversion

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Hey team! getting ready to do a boosterless conversion on my '68.


I was able to scrape the ATE database of all the master cylinders that were close to my original:  Goal was to find a few options of sizing with the same mounting features, in case my choice doesn't work out.  My original has a bolt spacing of 60mm and a bore of 20.6; my goal was to find as close as possible in a 19mm bore, with the option of 17mm if that doesn't work out; even changing back to the 20.6, for that matter.




Article Number Article Number short L FL D A X Diam. 1
03-2117-3611-3 10043 173 31 35 60 0 17.5
24-2117-1503-3 10400 176.5 10.5 34 70 22.3 17.5
03-2119-6713-3 10061 154 42.5 42 60 0 19.1
03-2119-0525-3 10046 162.5 18.8 42 60 0 19.1
03-2119-6207-3 10060 162.5 18.8 42 60 0 19.1
03-2119-8911-3 10066 166.9 29.5 42 60 45 19.1
03-2119-9011-3 10067 166.9 29.5 42 60 45 19.1
03-2119-9111-3 10068 167 29.5 42 60 45 19.1
03-2119-0781-3 10052 178 10 34 70 20 19.1
03-2119-0661-3 10049 179 10 34 70 17.3



Ended up choosing the 03-2119-8911-3; 10066.  Sourced from Rock Auto: https://www.rockauto.com/en/moreinfo.php?pk=309072&cc=1284173&jsn=934


Looks to be from a Karman Ghia or Bug....


Anyway, here's me taking out the pedal box:



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21 hours ago, 2002iii said:

Have you seen this.


17 hours ago, pd_55 said:

Has anyone done the Chase Bays delete?

To me it looks like the Chase Bays unit mounts to the upper assembly of the '02, so not directly to the pedal box...  Plus, it doesn't look like it has dual outlet, so no redundancy - I could be wrong on that.


Would be neat to use two of those Wilwood compact units and see if they would fit with a balance bar, but that's out of my project scope.



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29 minutes ago, TobyB said:

One of the problems with the 2002 brake system in general

is that the pedal ratio is only 1:4, cuz the darned things are 

so short.



I’ve got one where we direct-mounted a single master to the (modified) pedal box, changed the ratio a little ... stronger right leg required. -KB

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On 1/3/2021 at 5:53 AM, NickVyse said:

If you're changing to no servo I don't see the point in keeping the redundant, heavy and space consuming metal work.

For sure, that's the plan!


On 1/3/2021 at 11:45 PM, Shawn Piper said:

Not sure, but this thread might be useful for your build


Awesome, thanks for posting that - I swear I've been all over the FAQ digging for info, but didn't see that one.


On 1/3/2021 at 12:46 PM, TobyB said:

so I ended up remoting the clutch master


Interesting - I think that I can fit the MCs that I've picked - hopefully I can get a mockup going this weekend.  All of my parts are in!

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